5 Simple Tips To Improve your Content’s Design


Matching and Using Colors

 Choosing the appropriate colors for your content is imperative to making sure it helps your design instead of working against it.

For example the combination of colors you choose need to complement each other and there must be proper contrast between your elements and the background they are placed over.  In order to do this, you would need to choose a good color palette and stick to it for the remainder of your project for continuity.


Using Margins and Spacing

Margins and Spacing are also key to clean design. How you organize your elements is a fundamental part of the creative part of the design.

Mentally visualize your empty canvas and see how you like to place the elements within the available real esate, and then think about the flow: does it looks well? Does it make your design easy to understand? If the answer is No, then move things around until it’s a Yes



Not every font goes well with every background or type of design. Some bold fonts are too strong for delicate designs, and some thin fonts are too weak for a powerful bold design.

As a rule, try at least 3 different fonts each time and eliminate the ones that don't work with your message.

Don't use too many fonts; we recommend using a maximum of two fonts when necessary, otherwise you will end up with a hard to read, cluttered design.



How you align your content is what is going to make you accomplish or lose attention from your audience.  Try to find your alignment core, and then design starting from that point.


Use of Visual Elements 

Using visual elements is a great way to support your message.   Visual elements can be used to enrich your design when you feel it is too boring or doesn't translate the message by itself.

It’s important you remember to keep a sense of harmony between background, colors, texts and elements to make sure you have a logical design.  Also, remember to place them following the proximity and alignment principles we’ve discussed earlier.




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