5 Creative Graphic Design Tips for Social Media


Find Your Goal 

The first and most important of the graphic design tips when creating social media content is that you need to have a goal. 

Having a goal will not only help your design for social media content but it will also allow you to tell your message visually. Start by asking yourself a few questions:

  • What is my purpose for this post?
  • Am I trying to drive sales?
  • Do I want to increase traffic to my website?
  • Am I trying to increase engagement on my page?


It is also good to note that while goals are important, too many goals can cause a busy graphic. Too much text, pictures or fonts can instantly turn your audience off. So now that we havethe first of the graphic design tips down let us move on to color.


2. Color

Color is one of the most important aspects of any design. It helps to set a mood, create an atmosphere, and can even invoke a memory. With each color having meaning and psychology behind it. Color is also vital for creating contrast and balance within your social media graphic. Be aware of how certain hues or pairings influence someone’s perception. Steering clear of color combinations that are uncomfortable to see will help your brand in the long run.


3. Text

Not to be confused with typography (which we will get into next). Text is a sequence of words whereas typography is the visual component of the written word. Now that we have that explained let us get into why text is important. We know words are powerful and some good graphic design tips to keep in mind is that too many words on an image can appear busy to your potential audience.


4. Typography

It’s obvious that typography is an art in itself. Selecting the perfect font to get aligned with the images can be tough, but when done right it can bring your graphics to life! Like your color palette, picking a font should reflect your brand’s personality. Don’t go overboard – you only need two to three fonts max. Any more than that and your audience may get distracted and your message will get lost. And they won’t have a font to remember you by.


5. Good contrast

If you haven’t heard it by now, negative space (also referred to as white space) is great way to make your image stand out. Contrast attracts the eye and can be applied with font, colors, alignment, size and more. How can you contrast an image? A simple way to implement contrast into your graphic design is through the use of colors.




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