creative direction / concept development / illustration / graphic design / copywriting


Imperial Group’s portfolio of restaurants has been cooking since 1993. To this day, the brands under the company include Happy Day Restaurants, Imperial Shanghai, Imperial Cakery, Imperial Kitchen & Dimsum, Imperial Steampot, Imperial Tables, and The Yumz. With the current 7 brands and over 100 branches, Imperial Group has not only made a name in the food & beverage industry, but more to that a dynasty in the culinary world.

The parent group has tapped into Invent in providing masterfully designed Company Profile. Knowing full well that a carefully choreographed and informative profile is needed in showcasing their mammoth collection of brands to be made public for all stakeholders.

Invent began this process by pinpointing the Company Profile’s color theme. Shaping, curating, and applying a balance of easy-to-read infographics, history, and Imperial Group’s projections and plans. Right after the Profile was published, Imperial Group birthed their latest fusion concept, Bonello.